11,055 children have been supported by the Scottish Child Payment since its introduction in North Lanarkshire, according to figures released by the Scottish Government – with £6,670,130 having been paid to families.

The Scottish Child Payment of £20 per week per eligible child under 6 has been hailed ‘an absolute game changer in the fight to end child poverty’ by anti-poverty charities and described as a “lifesaver” by parents. 

The payment, unique to Scotland and in place since February 2021, provides regular financial support to parents and carers to help with the costs of caring for a child and latest research has also found that the payment is contributing to reducing child poverty in Scotland.

The Scottish Child Payment is set to increase to £25 per week and be rolled out to all children up to 16 years old by the end of the year.

Commenting SNP MSP for Coatbridge & Chryston Fulton MacGregor said:

“During a Tory-made cost of living crisis, it is great to see the progress being made with the SNP’s Scottish Child Payment – especially knowing the huge difference it has made to 11,055 children in North Lanarkshire since its introduction.

“I know the severe pressures facing household across Coatbridge & Chryston just now and that families are struggling to get by and the £6,670,130 support that the Scottish Child Payment is providing support for low income households is lifesaving. 

“Sadly, we know that the cost of living is only set to increase so I am glad that families will benefit even further from this payment increasing to £25 per week and being extended to under 16 year olds by the end of the year. 

“During these difficult times, the SNP Scottish Government is taking the bold action it can to support families with the powers at its disposal but sadly it is battling against a cruel Tory Westminster government refusing to take any meaningful action to help people.

“This level of negligence by Westminster is inexcusable and down right cruel. It illustrates exactly why we need to have the full welfare and tax powers of an independent country so we can build a fairer country.”

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